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A Brief History

The National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology (First Tech) is a leading institution of higher education committed to academic excellence.  Established in 1995 as the National Institute of Technology of Kaohsiung, First Tech gained the consent of the Ministry of Education and was instituted in 1998 as the first technological university in southern Taiwan. Now into its sixteenth year, under the leadership of former presidents Dr. Chia-Hung Ku and Dr. I-Chang Jou, First Tech has achieved a track record of academic excellence and continues to scale new heights envisioned by current President Dr. Roger C. Y. Chen. The award of the prestigious Teaching Excellence Project granted by the Ministry of Education for six consecutive years since 2006 stands testimony to its excellence and commitment to enhancing teaching, learning atmosphere, and a global outlook. First Tech is now transforming into an entrepreneurial university, preparing our graduates with theoretical, practical, and innovative readiness in order to elevate our competition.

Nowadays the conventional approach of “teaching or research-oriented universities” has failed to encompass all the characteristics of universities in Taiwan. Furthermore, the Science and Technology Advisory Group of the Executive Yuan has recently set up a framework, encouraging the “industrialization of innovation” on campus. Therefore, in order to catch up with the world, doing what other prestigious universities all over the world are doing, we established a special office aiming at promoting entrepreneurship. In this regard, in First Tech, we drew a blueprint containing four different frameworks. Based on two main ideas -- “innovation and entrepreneurship education” and “innovation and entrepreneurial development” -- we wish to equip our students with the characteristics of innovation and the core value of entrepreneurship, such as passion and willingness to share and devote themselves. With our current achievement of teaching and research, and also by integrating three major factors in boosting entrepreneurship: environment, information, and resources, we have further reached four goals: “the combination of theory, practice, and innovation,” “innovation and the development of entrepreneurs,” “innovation and the development of entrepreneurial environment,” and “the practice of research and development.” By doing so, we wish to transform this university into the first entrepreneurial university in Taiwan, elevating the overall competitiveness of our students in the professional field and their entrepreneurial ability in the near future.

Guided by the motto “dedication, camaraderie, excellence, and innovation”, First Tech is dedicated to nurturing well-educated professionals equipped with the essential skills and expertise.
Thus, the University’s unique character is embodied in the following aspects:

1. Well-qualified faculty: First Tech tops technological universities in its
well-experienced and highly qualified faculty, 96 percent of whom hold doctoral degrees from local and foreign universities.
2. Inspiring learning environment: A winner of national awards in environmental protection and fire prevention on campus, First Tech inspires learning with its scenic campus and cutting-edge teaching facilities.
3. Academic advancement and employment opportunities: The comprehensive university education of undergraduate and graduate programs is complete with career counseling and preparation of students for professional certification.
4. International exchange: The University facilitates academic exchange of faculty and students with their counterparts in partnership universities in Austria, Britain, Canada, Germany, Japan, Russia, Vietnam, and the United States, as well as furthers
cooperation with international volunteers organizations.
The sprawling 75-hectare campus covering three administrative districts consists of two zones -- east and west campus -- linked by University Bridge. East campus functions as the teaching and administrative area, while west campus is designed as the recreational area. The free availability of bicycles campus-wide reflects the university’s endeavors to create a safe and green environment that is conducive to the pursuit of higher learning.
Decoration chart